Protestors to Appeal Court Order

Several of the parties named in Enforcement Order 01/2012 are appealing that order. We have a number of issues with the Enforcement Order including the draconian and undemocratic order that, “The Parties shall not occupy or use any other public lands in the Province of Alberta unless otherwise authorized to do so.”

Counsel for the parties named in Court Order 1201-00816 (January 27, 2012) will appear in Chambers at the Calgary Court Centre on Friday, February 3, 2012 to appeal the Court Order. Our counsel feels there are numerous issues relating to both the substance and the process of the Court Order.

We are asking SRD to instruct SLS to stand down and not to begin any logging until the appeals are heard. If the logging were to begin, and if we were successful on appeal, we would also seek penalties for any damage the logging caused.


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