Who we Are

We’re an ad hoc group of individuals concerned about Spray Lake Sawmills’ proposed logging in the Castle. Most of us live in, or near, Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines, or the Crowsnest Pass.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I have lived in this area my entire life and spent most of my summers in the Castle Mountain area. I cannot believe that the government is considering such an archaic logging method such as clear cutting when there are so many methods being developed to eradicate diseases in trees that are far less invasive to the environment. Perhaps the government should put a little bit more research into this before taking action.

  2. Jason Edwards says:

    I am interested in doing what I can to help te cause.

    • Thanks for your interest, and for your willingness to help! Every voice counts.

      Write Mr. Berger, Minister Knight, Premier Stelmach, Spray Lake Sawmills, and your own MLA and tell them you don’t approve of the proposed logging. Ask your friends to do the same. A letter to one of them with cc’s to the others is fine. The letter doesn’t have to be detailed. Tell them in your own words why you don’t approve of the logging. (But doing a little research and being prepared to rebut some of their arguments won’t hurt either.) Write them back if you don’t like the reply to receive.

      Meet with your own MLA if you have the time and inclination.

      If you can, print some copies of the petition and have people sign it. The signed petitions can be returned to Stop Castle Logging, Box 2621, Pincher Creek, AB, T0K 1W0.

  3. Kyra says:

    I have grown up in the Crowsnest Pass/Pincher Creek area, News of this logging makes me very sad.
    Not only should groups be rallying to save this forest from Spray Lakes Clear cutting, we shoud also be lobbying to make this a protected area once again.

  4. Ken Williams says:

    Count me in. There’s got to be a better way. Clearcutting is archaic. Keep me posted, I’ll give support any way I can.

  5. Teresa eakett says:

    My family and i would really like to participate in the protest,as well as showing our daughter the importance of fighting for what you believe, but a wednesday and thursday are just not feesable for us. Are there any weekend protests planned.

    • Thanks for your interest, and for your determination to make your voices heard. It is very likely that protests will continue through the weekend. We’ll update this blog on Friday night with the latest information.

  6. Aaron & Kathryn says:

    The Land Use Framework planning process is presently underway in Alberta, and the South Saskatchewan basin (which includes the Castle region) is now the focus of attention for politicians, land managers, and the public. The LUF is an unprecedented process in the province, as it intends to create a comprehensive picture of the present and future landscape of the entire province. Recreation and conservation futures are an important outcome of these plans. Kudos to the Government for designing a meaningful process that promises to listen to and respect the views of Albertans.


    On this website it is obvious that the consultation phase for the Castle region is still open (South Saskatchewan basin). Considering the well-documented history of the Special Places program, which established the significance of the Castle region for recreation and conservation as a protected area, I am confused as to why the large-scale logging in the Castle is just getting underway now… less than one year before the comprehensive plan for the Castle is completed?

    Why isn’t the Government of Alberta respecting the LUF process? Why isn’t the GOA encouraging Spray Lake Sawmills to wait to start logging until the process is done? Could it be because SLS is intimately involved in steering the LUF process in our region? Are some within SRD eager to initiate logging in the Castle before the LUF process reaches its meaningful conclusions?

    Someone should look into this.

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