Protestors to Appeal Court Order

January 31, 2012

Several of the parties named in Enforcement Order 01/2012 are appealing that order. We have a number of issues with the Enforcement Order including the draconian and undemocratic order that, “The Parties shall not occupy or use any other public lands in the Province of Alberta unless otherwise authorized to do so.”

Counsel for the parties named in Court Order 1201-00816 (January 27, 2012) will appear in Chambers at the Calgary Court Centre on Friday, February 3, 2012 to appeal the Court Order. Our counsel feels there are numerous issues relating to both the substance and the process of the Court Order.

We are asking SRD to instruct SLS to stand down and not to begin any logging until the appeals are heard. If the logging were to begin, and if we were successful on appeal, we would also seek penalties for any damage the logging caused.

Court Order Served, Monday Jan 30

January 30, 2012

Around 3:30 pm today, SRD officers arrived with a Court Order directing us to cease and desist our actions.

RCMP Inspector McGeough was also on site and, using his discretion, gave us until Wednesday morning at 8 am to discuss the matter with our lawyer. After that time, the RCMP will begin enforcing the order.

We have contacted our lawyer, and will consult with him tomorrow.

The logging operation is not to be started tomorrow, but some protestors do plan to be there to continue to  make passersby aware of the situation.

There is some video of today’s events at

Update, Sunday Jan 29

January 29, 2012

Not too much new over the weekend. We had plenty of protestors today (Sunday), and lots of people waving, giving a thumbs up, and honking their horns.

Protestors will be out at the site again tomorrow. We’ll see what the morrow brings.

Please join us at the protest site if you can.

Update, Saturday, January 28

January 28, 2012

Day 18 and counting.

Protestors were out again today. People stopped to chat, to take photos, and to leave some goodies behind.

We’re hoping for a good turnout at the protest site tomorrow (Sunday, January 29). Please come and show your opposition to clear cutting in the Castle. Bring a sign.

The protest site is at the Corrals, approximately 1.7 km past the Castle Special Management Area (Forest Reserve) Gate, on Hwy 774 driving towards the Castle Mountain Ski Area. (49.418126 N, 114.289171 W)

Please note there are no facilities of any kind.

Ground Rules for the Protest Site:

1. All actions are to be strictly non-violent

2. All are to be treated with respect

3. No weapons of any kind are permitted

4. No alcohol or drugs are permitted

Update for Friday, Jan 27

January 27, 2012

We had expected a visit from SRD and the RCMP, but things were quiet at the protest site today except for the visit from RCMP Inspector McGeough from Lethbridge. Not sure what that means.

We’ll be out at the protest site again tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday.

The protest site is at the Corrals, approximately 1.7 km past the Castle Special Management Area (Forest Reserve) Gate, on Hwy 774 driving towards the Castle Mountain Ski Area. (49.418126 N, 114.289171 W)

Come and join us if you can. Bring a sign.

Thursday, January 26 Update

January 26, 2012

It was quiet at the protest site today. Neither the RCMP nor SRD visited.

We did however, have a visit from a CTV news crew, and from “Protests r Us” catering service.

The camp is still up, and protestors spent the day holding signs and waving at the passing vehicles. As usual, the number of waves, honks, and thumbs up vastly outnumbered any negative reactions.

We’ll be back at the site tomorrow.

Given how eerily quiet it was today, we’re wondering if something might be up for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s weather looks pretty good. Please come out and join us if you can.

Protest Update, January 25, Late Edition

January 25, 2012

Late this afternoon, a large number of SRD officials, Spray Lake Sawmills personnel and contractors, and two RCMP officers along with the regional staff sergeant showed up at the site. A number of our  supporters also arrived.

The feller-buncher was started up, and we were asked to leave. Five or six people stood in front of the machine and said they won’t move. We were all given an Enforcement Order, and all the officials and the loggers left.

We’ve sent the document to our lawyers for an opinion and legal advice.

We’ll be back at the site tomorrow.