The Protect-the-Castle Hike is a Go! Starts tomorrow, Sunday, September 15, 8:00 am.

Protect-the-Castle Hike to Table Mountain, Sunday, Sept 15

Here is an event you might want to participate in:

Protect the Castle, Hike to Table Mountain

A simple gesture to show the world that we want the Castle Protected. I propose you join us on September 15, 2013, for a hike to the top of Table Mountain where we will post the banners ” Protect…the.. Castle” on the top. Bob Pisco or his son will fly over with Jim Cameron and take pictures of this moment in time. Gordon Petersen will share it with the media and spread it around.

We need a minimum of 12 hikers to hold the edges of the canvas banners, but having more would be so great.

Join us at the trail head parking lot at Beaver Mines Lake Recreation Area at 8:00 a.m. on September the 15th, with lots of water, a packed lunch and the hearts of lions. The hike will take about 3 hours up and less coming down. Looking forward to see you not only stand up for the Castle, but do it while standing on a mountain of the Castle.

For further information contact: David McNeill or Linde’ 403-627-3476 or

E mail:

This hike is being sponsored by the Bert Riggall Environmental Foundation and the Castle-Crown Wilderness Coalition

Organizers will check the weather forecast on Saturday, Sept 14 at 6:00 pm to decide whether or not the hike is a “go”. Check back here shortly after 6:00 for the latest update.


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