New Articles in the Wildlands Advocate

Wildlands Advocate, October 2012

Wildlands Advocate, October 2012

The October 2012 issues of the AWA’s Wildlands Advocate has several articles related to the Castle, and to Castle logging.

Castle coverages starts with the striking image on the cover titled The Guardians by Barbara Amos. The image is from a series of photos called Red Alert for the Castle Watershed that are intended to create metaphors about caring for our watersheds.

Inside, Peter Sherrington writes about Water in the Castle, while Nigel Douglas discusses the findings of the AWA’s FOIP on the Castle logging in Logging Trumps All Other Concerns in the Castle: Findings from a Freedom of Information Application.

The issue’s In Memoriam honours Rick Collier, a long-time friend of the Castle, and a staunch defender of things wild and free.


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