Castle “Yarn Bombing”

How cool is this?!

Yarn Bomb

Courtesy of Art Works for Wild Spaces

An anonymous group of a dozen artists spent several hours producing a visual statement about caring for our environment by “Yarn Bombing” a group of trees in the Castle Special Place, near Pincher Creek, Alberta. Each handmade afghan becomes a metaphor for nurturing and warmth. Art Works For Wild Spaces created this spontaneous event to direct attention to the need to protect the Castle. 

Yarn Bomb

Courtesy of Art Works for Wild Spaces


The yarn-bombing site is along Highway 774, 4 km south of the area that is presently being logged, and just north of the turnoff for Beaver Mines Lake. 


“There is a silly element to the end result of a yarn bomb, one that brings a smile to the viewers face,” explained Barbara Amos, as spokesperson for the group.  “However it wise to remember that this art event was born from the exhausting effort and hard work behind creating a voice for wild spaces.”


This is a temporary public art project. After a period of time, the trees will be unwrapped. In the meantime, the group hopes that many will enjoy the installation, and that many will pause to reflect on the “knitting together” of people, their communities, and the beauty in the space that surrounds them.
Yarn Bomb

Courtesy of Art Works for Wild Spaces

Yarn Bomb

Courtesy of Art Works for Wild Spaces


3 Responses to Castle “Yarn Bombing”

  1. Long live yarn and non-violent civil disobedience!

  2. Janey says:

    What she said.

  3. delle says:

    Unique, powerful message

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