Update for Friday, Jan 27

We had expected a visit from SRD and the RCMP, but things were quiet at the protest site today except for the visit from RCMP Inspector McGeough from Lethbridge. Not sure what that means.

We’ll be out at the protest site again tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday.

The protest site is at the Corrals, approximately 1.7 km past the Castle Special Management Area (Forest Reserve) Gate, on Hwy 774 driving towards the Castle Mountain Ski Area. (49.418126 N, 114.289171 W)

Come and join us if you can. Bring a sign.


3 Responses to Update for Friday, Jan 27

  1. The fact that this demonstration goes on day after day demands respect and kudos from all Albertans; the fact that the government postures and produces eviction notices, but not much else must be a good sign. Bragg Creek is in a similar situation by the same logging company; protestors there say that government reasons to log are all bogus. Sound familiar? We need to work with the Bragg Creek group.
    Bev Muendel-Atherstone, NDP candidate Little Bow

  2. Rick says:

    Good work! The folks at the ‘barricades’ for the Castle forest are performing exactly as they should: one little step at a time, keep pushing back just enough to keep the police, SRD, and the lawyers at bay, in effect, wear the bastards down. I’m afraid I’d be tempted to start a fight or at least a shouting match, but at this point that would be absolutely the wrong tactic.

    I wish I — and my group of supporters — were not all the way up in Calgary: we’d be down more often to help out (and keep our mouths shut!) if it weren’t for the six hours of driving.

    In solidarity,


  3. Eileen Kosior says:

    Dear Premier Redford:

    WHY does Spray Lake Sawmills
    have your permission to CLEAR CUT our children’s Castle–
    without even the pretense of public consultation from your government!

    The Castle special place–where endangered grizzlies traverse the Crown of our Continent
    and “where they go to die”–
    where the black bear cubs and mothers will emerge from their dens this spring
    to the roar of machines and falling trees.

    Trees destined for what?
    Mulch, chips, fibre, fence posts!

    You must know — that no amount of money can re-create an ecological system–
    the wilderness–
    the “Home of all homes” as Alberta born, J. Stan Rowe called it.

    The Castle is Home to: “…the province’s largest diversity of native plants and animals….223 species listed as Rare or At-Risk including the Grizzly and 13 other mammals, 44 types of birds, 145 different plants, 3 kinds of reptiles, 5 types of amphibians, 2 kinds of fish, 10 kinds of butterflies and a number of different spiders”

    AND all the species and interactions we’ve yet to discover
    …LIFE we cannot re-create….
    described by Mary Oliver in The Mountain Lion:

    “….a great and perfect mystery
    that perhaps I didn’t really see
    but simply understood belonged here
    like all the other perfections
    that still, now and again, emerge
    out of the last waterfalls forests
    the last unviolated mountains, hurrying
    night after night morning after light-sprinkled morning
    through the cage of the world.”

    For our children’s sake–please stop this desecration
    which will occur against the public will
    without science or reason to support it.


    Eileen Kosior
    Black Diamond, AB

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