Protest Update, January 25, Late Edition

Late this afternoon, a large number of SRD officials, Spray Lake Sawmills personnel and contractors, and two RCMP officers along with the regional staff sergeant showed up at the site. A number of our  supporters also arrived.

The feller-buncher was started up, and we were asked to leave. Five or six people stood in front of the machine and said they won’t move. We were all given an Enforcement Order, and all the officials and the loggers left.

We’ve sent the document to our lawyers for an opinion and legal advice.

We’ll be back at the site tomorrow.


2 Responses to Protest Update, January 25, Late Edition

  1. Raz says:

    You’re doing a great job out there guys! We are all proud of you, and wish you best luck! Please keep us informed, we were eagarly looking for any news since the protest last Sunday.


  2. Dave Mayhood says:

    I have just confessed to breaching what I believe to be an illegal, and certainly a ridiculous, order from the Alberta Forest Service with regard to logging in the Castle River basin. For those hundreds of you who have also breached this order unknowingly or otherwise, I urge you to take similar action.

    My confession can be found at this link:

    Dave Mayhood

    “…we should redefine the word ‘defeat’. It is a victory we haven’t yet won.”
    — Alan Borovoy, Uncivil Obedience

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