Stop Castle Logging Rally, Thursday, Sept 23, Waterton

Media Advisory

For Release: Monday, September 20, 2010

Beaver Mines, Alberta: The ad hoc group, Stop Castle Logging, will hold a rally on Thursday, September 23, starting about 8:30 a.m. outside the Bayshore Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park where local MLA Evan Berger will be addressing the conference Remarkable Beyond Borders: Shaping the Future of the Crown of the Continent. The rally is intended to let Mr. Berger and the conference attendees know that plans to allow Cochrane-based Spray Lake Sawmills (SLS) to clear-cut log in the Castle Special Place west of Pincher Creek, Alberta, are unacceptable.

The provincial department of Sustainable Resource Development, of which MLA Evan Berger is Parliamentary Assistant, has given SLS permission to clear-cut log in the area between Beaver Mines Lake, Castle Falls and over Carbondale Hill into Lynx Creek. This is a prime recreational area that includes provincial campgrounds and Scouts Canada’s Camp Impeesa. The area is also considered core grizzly bear habitat for the Alberta grizzly bear recovery plan, and is a key component of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. Much of the area is zoned critical wildlife.

Members of the Stop Castle Logging group and others have been writing, calling, and meeting with Mr. Berger for months now, but Mr. Berger seems more intent on promoting the interests of Spray Lake Sawmills than on representing the views of his constituents.

For more information
please go to and/or contact:

Karin Buhrmann, Gladstone Valley, (403) 627-5365

Rick Cooke, Crowsnest Pass, (403) 564-4642, (403) 564-5177

Phil Hazelton, Gladstone Valley, (403) 627-4407

Rebecca Holand, Beaver Mines, (403) 627-4879

Gordon Petersen, Beaver Mines, (403) 627-3732

Peter Sherrington, Beaver Mines, (403) 627-3522

Jacques Thouin, Beaver Mines, (403) 627-4879


3 Responses to Stop Castle Logging Rally, Thursday, Sept 23, Waterton

  1. Laurie Faulkner says:

    A Big No to Clear Cut Logging! Have they not learned anything!- Just take a look @ BC’s Forests! It looks just awful-Stumps where beautiful,majestic,trees once stood tall.
    We need the Trees to Clean our Air,not to mention the wildlife & habitat that depend on those trees.
    For us it’s Fresh Air,Beauty & Life!

  2. Breelyn Gray says:

    What is the best way for me to help out? Is getting people to sign the petition form best? If I write a letter does it have to be detailed or just express that I am against the logging?

    This clear-cutting is B.S. Our government needs to be more transparent and accountable to who and what it governs.

    • Thanks for your interest, and for your willingness to help! Every voice counts.

      Write Mr. Berger, Minister Knight, Premier Stelmach, Spray Lake Sawmills, and your own MLA and tell them you don’t approve of the proposed logging. Ask your friends to do the same. A letter to one of them with cc’s to the others is fine. The letter doesn’t have to be detailed. Tell them in your own words why you don’t approve of the logging. (But doing a little research and being prepared to rebut some of their arguments won’t hurt either.) Write them back if you don’t like the reply to receive.

      Meet with your own MLA if you have the time and inclination.

      If you can, print some copies of the petition and have people sign it. The signed petitions can be returned to Stop Castle Logging, Box 2621, Pincher Creek, AB, T0K 1W0.

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