Critics say clear-cutting Castle area ‘doesn’t make sense’

Check out the Calgary Herald’s front-page story on the proposed logging.

4 Responses to Critics say clear-cutting Castle area ‘doesn’t make sense’

  1. Greg Hession says:

    I wish these logging folks would be a little more environmentally responsible in their actions. That is to say, is it possible to leave the Castle valley alone and take trees from somewhere else? This area is the headwaters for pristine tributaries to the Old Man River, which is very well preserved currently. The area is enjoyed by many outdoor enthusiasts from the area and abroad. It is a gem of the Souther Alberta wildlife environment. To see this level of logging activity proposed for this area is heart wrenching and should be avoided at all costs.

    Perhaps in the interests of public safety with respect to forest fires in proximity to oil & gas wells and pipeline facilities, there could be a “Fire Smart” program implemented to mitigate the propagation of wildfires. This program could include a reforestation program of the areas being cut as well as some selective tree harvesting via helicopter.

    Pray for the abolishment of commercial logging in the Castle Valley.

  2. Tammyand Giesbrecht says:

    Hello there,
    Please do not cut down our Alberta forests. We need all the trees because Alberta does not have many trees. Trees are an important part of the earth because they absorb all the toxins from the environment, they take in carbon dioxide and release ‘clean’ air for us to breathe. If we don’t have our trees then there won’t be people for very long.
    Also, without trees, where are the animals going to live??? They will slowly (or quickly) die out and maybe even become extinct. If one species dies out, that puts our own species at risk.
    If Albertans are saying, “We need more wood products” then we MUST find another way. We need to set up laws how our wood is being used. We need to recycle, re-use and reduce what we are using. Once our forests are gone, there will be nothing to protect us against the harsh chemicals and pollutants in the environment, nothing will be cleaning our air and giving us “good” air to breathe. Albertans will not be in existance too long if all our forests are gone.
    This is a life and death choice you are making. It IS that serious!!! Please do not cut down our forests!!!
    Thank you,

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