Early June 2010 Update

Here is an updated flyer (updated Aug 10, 291 KB). It can be printed and given out, or e-mailed. Please circulate it widely.

Logging Flyer June 3, 2010

Logging Flyer

SRD did have a public advisory committee—CROWPAC (Crowsnest Forest Public Advisory Committee)—providing input into the proposed Crowsnest (C5) Forest Management Plan (FMP).  But that committee’s concerns (as per letter to Minister & local papers) still have not been addressed, including about water quality, wildlife habitat and protected areas.  Those outstanding concerns and public opposition to the C5 FMP lead the Minister to defer a decision on it until state of the watershed reporting and integrated watershed planning are completed by the Oldman Watershed Council.

On April 11, 2006, the CROWPAC Committee sent the attached letter to the then Minister of SRD, the Honourable Dave Coutts describing some of it’s concerns.

Map showing the location of the C5 Forestry Area.

Map Showing C5 Area

Enlarge Map (279 KB)

Here is a Poster for printing out at 11″ x 17″ (Updated Aug 10, 2.5 MB).

Logging Poster


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